Fixing Borked Transient Logging Settings for 2.4.2

We have a mess of transient logging settings defined and wondering if someone can help sort them out:

"transient": {
  "logger": {
    "index.indexing": "INFO",
    "": "INFO",
    "index.indexing.slowlow": "INFO",
    "": "INFO",
    "": "INFO",
    "index.indexing.slowlog.index": "INFO",
    "index.indexing.slowlog": "INFO",
    "index": "INFO",
    "": "INFO",
    "": "INFO",
    "_root": "INFO",
    "index.indexing.slowlow.index": "INFO",
    "indices": {
      "recovery": "DEBUG"

I know that there is no-ability to remove these settings without stopping the entire cluster and then restarting it so looking for a way to fix the settings inheritance in such as way that we can actually modify our settings.

We got into this state because for whatever reason our logging was set to TRACE, despite being defined in elasticsearch.yaml as:

  action: DEBUG
  com.amazonaws: WARN
  com.amazonaws.jmx.SdkMBeanRegistrySupport: ERROR
  com.amazonaws.metrics.AwsSdkMetrics: ERROR
  org.apache.http: INFO
  discovery: INFO
  deprecation: INFO, deprecation_log_file INFO, index_search_slow_log_file
  index.indexing.slowlog: INFO, index_indexing_slow_log_file

additivity: false
  index.indexing.slowlog: false
  deprecation: false

Anything we can do to address this issue?

Sort them out in what manner?

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