Fixing Legacy 'Self Monitoring' for Docker containers

I am getting the warning that Self Monitoring will not be supported in 8.0. My elastic environment is configured via 5 ElasticSearch container nodes and 1 Kibana container.

How do I migrate away from self monitoring the containers if the containers are responsible for the environment? Do I put metricbeat on the server that is hosting the containers and have the containers report there instead of within the containers themselves?

This link

is not particularly helpful in my understanding of getting off of legacy for docker environments since step 2/3 require installing Metricbeat onto the Elasticsearch node (counter to docker methodology of 1 process per container)

Fixed this - for anyone curious or searching it was.

  1. Install metricbeat on the host machine and configure like instructed on

  2. Change modules.d/elasticsearch-xpack.yml setting from scope: node to scope: cluster

  3. Kibana should give you a prompt saying 'Disable self-monitoring to finish migration'

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