Fleet agent doesn't work

I can't connect my elastic agent to the fleet server

I already solved the syslink problem.

Hi, could you share what do you see in the logs when you try to enroll an agent? Did the command to start Fleet Server succeed?

The commands sounds ok because i dont have any error but when i see this logs?

My ip for elastic and kibana is
I dont think i need change the configuration fleet server generate for me.

i try now with linux tar and this i get

It could be that Fleet Server can't communicate with Elasticsearch. You can verify the Elasticsearch host in Settings / Outputs / default output.
Can you try setting --fleet-server-es= in your enroll command?

i try but have the same problem

If you visit http://localhost:9200/ , do you get a successful response? It would be good to find out where Elasticsearch runs.
If it really runs in http only, you have to add --fleet-server-es-insecure to the enroll command.

On localhost i dont have a successful response.
Now im trying --fleet-server-es-insecure.

Same problem
"Fleet Server - Error - EOF"

What do you see in Fleet / Settings / Outputs in kibana?

I think is this

i use firewall-cmd can be this problem?

I think i resolve the problem, at least the connection is done

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