Fleet & Docker - How to maintain state?

I am running Fleet 8.3.3 in a Docker Container, using the docs found here:

It appears that every time the container is destroyed and a new one created, a new Fleet server is registered, even if I set the container hostname to the same string (test02 in this case):

How do I set this up so that a new Fleet instance is not created every time the container is rebuilt?

I believe if you don't want things to change on every startup, you need to persist the data directory (/opt/Elastic/Agent/) - Installation layout | Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide [8.3] | Elastic. Note, you can also set an auto unenroll timeout, so if you don't want to persist the directory, you can just have the old ones unenroll themselves after a period of time.

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Thanks @BenB196 - I tried to bind /opt/Elastic/Agent to the host filesystem, but that didnt appear to change anything. Digger deeper into the container I saw /usr/share/elastic-agent/state - Once I bound that to the host filesystem, I was able to maintain state outside of the container.

This does not appear to be documented anywhere.