Fleet-server can not running, "only 1 fleet-server input can be defined accessing config" occur in the log files

first, my elk server version is 7.17.7,and deploy by docker ,such as logstach,kibana,elasticsearch,server ip is 。port forward has added to the firewall (sonicwall), 5601,, ,so i can add a test server and monitoring his logs.
today ,i am using this command below install fleet-server on an centos 7.5( 。

sudo ./elastic-agent install

and it shows :
Successfully enrolled the Elastic Agent.
Elastic Agent has been successfully installed.

:cry: but unfortunately

cd /opt/Elastic/Agent/data/elastic-agent-2b200b/logs/default
tail -f fleet-server-json.log
{"log.level":"info","service.name":"fleet-server","@timestamp":"2023-02-20T09:43:15.383Z","message":"starting communication connection back to Elastic Agent"}
{"log.level":"info","service.name":"fleet-server","@timestamp":"2023-02-20T09:43:15.384Z","message":"waiting for Elastic Agent to send initial configuration"}
{"log.level":"error","service.name":"fleet-server","error.message":"only 1 fleet-server input can be defined accessing config","@timestamp":"2023-02-20T09:43:15

i have search this error by bing and google , but find nothing . :cry:

Hi @hds1989824

It seems to me that somehow your Fleet server agent policy contains more than one fleet server integration, can you try to delete it and recreate a new one?

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yes,you are right。
after delete other fleet-server config,and install one more time. it works!
thanks very much!

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