Fleet server - debug logs

Hi all,

Just updated to 7.15.1, and trying to configure fleet. Having some problems, but cannot find logs and spesific errors to trace.

So i need to learn how to enable debug logging for Fleet Server
Just found debug config for elastic-agent, but it seems that doesnt give much information. Since there is 2 different yml files(elastic-agent.yml / fleet.yml). I think there must be a configuration reference for fleet.yml. But i couldnt found that on documentation.

Am i missing something,

TLDR- how to enable debug for fleet server

You can change the log level of an Elastic Agent through the Fleet UI. It is a bit hidden:

Navigate to Elastic Agent -> Click your Agent -> Logs -> Left bottom: Agent logging level

Hope this helps.

@ruflin good morning,

im having problems pre-integration, agent starting level. So im not sure if this applicable on my case

Got it. The logs for fleet-server and all other processes run by elastic-agent should be in the logs directory. Depending on how you / run install elastic-agent and OS the location can be a bit different. Happy to help find it if you can share more details of your environment.

As soon as you have the logs, please share the logs as these likely contain enough information to find the issue.

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