Fleet-server installation error

I'm trying to stand up an on-prem Elasticstack deployment (Ubuntu 20.04 and Elastic 7.15). I have Elasticsearch and Kibana setup and working. I'm in the process of setting up the Fleet-server.

I'm getting this message repeatedly in the fleet-server-json.log:
{"log.level":"info","service.name":"fleet-server","status":"DEGRADED","@timestamp":"2021-10-29T19:31:19.005Z","message":"Running on policy with Fleet Server integration: 596b4890-38d7-11ec-8ebd-bb2d4b3d4410; missing config fleet.agent.id (expected during bootstrap process)"}

This is the very first elastic-agent and fleet-server I'm setting up. I didn't see reference to this anywhere in the Kibana Fleet section.

Where can I set this information? Since none of the docs talk about this setting, I assume this would be autoconfigured. Is this error an indication of a deeper problem?

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