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Hi all,

We just started playing around with Fleet and we stumbled over the following topic:
According to the documentation, each agent can only be enrolled in a single policy. The integrations are configured on that policy.

This means that 2 servers requiring the exact same configuration can share the same policy. But a server requiring an additional integration would require a separate policy where all settings from the first policy is duplicated and changes have to be done in both.

Now, what I would like is to have a structure similar to the new index templates where an index can only use a single template but this template can be made up from one or more component templates.

So I would like to have policies that can be created from one or more policy components to reduce duplication of configs.

Did I miss something or how are others solving this problem?

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We don't have any ability in Fleet right now for an agent to be enrolled into two policies, or support for hierarchical policies. One way around this to add all the integrations to a single policy in such a way that they are only activated when necessary. For examples, integrations to pull log files won't if the files are not existent. In a standalone agent policy, you can also use conditions to activate inputs dynamically Variables and conditions in input configurations | Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide [8.0] | Elastic. We plan to add this in the UI but haven't yet.

Would either of these work for your use case? If not, can you share more details about it? We are considering support for hierarchical or shared policies, but we'd like to collect more user feedback about the use cases.

Hello Jason,

The standalone usecase would not help us as this is more or less what we already do with Beats - although we would reduce the work of installing mutliple beats to only installing the agent.

I already read about the conditions and variables and this sounded promising and I think this would greatly help us in our usecase when it is added to the Fleet configuration.

Is there already an issue for adding this feature to Fleet configuration I can track?

Best regards

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