Flowbeats fails in go build

working on getting flowbeats installed to collect sflow data.
working through the install steps listed in github
when I get to the step of "go build" it returns:
beater/flowbeat.go:52: b.Events undefined (type *beat.Beat has no field or method Events)

go 1.5
glide 0.10.2
logstash 2.2.4

What am I missing?

have you run all steps as documented: https://github.com/FStelzer/flowbeat#building

does directory vendor/github.com/elastic/beats/libbeat exist? Seems like the glide.yaml file does not include the beats version it has been developed with.

Changing the glide.yml beats entry to:

- package: github.com/elastic/beats
  version: a0f543d88691f3081d63fcce83defc57a631cb8c
  - /libbeat/beat
  - libbeat/cfgfile
  - libbeat/common
  - libbeat/logp

might help.

Yes I ran the steps as documented on the github page (actually a number of steps were missing).

the directory vendor/github.com/elastic/beats/libbeat/ does exist.
the glide.yaml file is:

package: github.com/fstelzer/flowbeat

Try: remove sub-directory vendor, update the beats entry in glide.yaml as I've said and follow build instructions anew.

Main problem is the flowbeat/glide.yaml does not specify versions.

Well, now I get different errors (about cannot find package under $GOROOT or $GOPATH), from what I can tell I am running into a combination of me not having any experience with go/glide and fstelzer assuming both go/glide familiarity and that the beats development environment is already loaded. I'll do some more reading/research and decide if I want to spend the time & effort to learn the development environment just to install one package, or to try using the Sflow toolkit from InMon.