"Follow KMT and Not GMT"

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"Follow KMT and Not GMT"

  •      A group of scientist later made a conference on this issue and,

being inspired, Saudi authority placed the special clock on Makkah Tower.
After fixing the world's largest clock in the Makkah Shareef Tower. *

  •      Saudi government can assist Muslims the most in the world for

remembering Allah Pak and the Sacred home Kaaba Shareef by fixing
KMT(Ka'aba Shareef Mean Time). Because Ka'aba Shareef is the centre of the
world. All Muslims should come forward to establish KMT and discard GMT

*At present the world famous clock of Makkah Shareef tower is the largest
clock in the world. But there is a great intention about the importance of
the clock. ''The Soudi govt.should complete their plan as soon as possible
and they should start the Ka'abaa Mean Time (KMT) as the prime meridean
instead of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).'' As aresult all the Muslims can
follow the Islamic rules and regulations and remember Allah Pak Subhanu
Ta'aalaa more and more . Besides there is no need to set the GMT over the
London, because most of the country can not maintain their right time by
following it. If the Soudi govt. fix the centre of the time zone over the
Makkah Shareef , the Muslims will be successful to remember Allah Pak all
the time. We should never follow the non-muslims. So it should be changed
the prime meridean very soon.May Allah Subhanu Ta'aalaa help us to start
KMT so that we can follow the Islamic rules and
regulation. *

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