Let's all come forward to follow KMT

If anyone asks, what is the most hilarious, ludicrous and farcical thing in
the world? The answer will be, the so called (gmt based) international date
line. pls look up and see how unreal, foolish the time line is!!!! it is
like a zigzag scribble path drawn by a 2 years old child!!! It moves from
kiribati, fiji, samoa, tonga. Look how awful it is- when in the kiribati it
is night, in the samoa it is day and vice versa.


Look at the Kmt timeline, it is straight line, it goes straight over
alaska which is a uninhabited area.

"half way around the world,the farthest you can be from Makkah...., 180-39=
141, the vertical border of alaska"

Besides,Kaaba Shareef is the center of the world, the first and the most
ancient place on earth.

So, 'Oh! The dwellers on the earth!!! Do not be fool anymore. Let's
abandon the rubbish gmt forever and it is high time to follow the Kaaba
Shareef Mean time (KMT). The first step to do so is to establish prime
meridian along Ka'aba Shareef. Let's all come forward to follow KMT.

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