Following sample data example fails to show points on map


My apologies in I have no idea how to troubleshoot this, but I will include what I have checked at the end.

I am following the example on this is for kibana 6.0, running on an ubuntu 16.04 lts server with 32 cpus and 64 gig ram. configuration files for logstash, elasticsearch, and kibana have been modified to bind to the ethernet ip address so I don't need to connect using "localhost".

I am at the part that reads "To map the geo coordinates from the log files select Geo Coordinates as the bucket and click Apply changes images/apply-changes-button.png. Your chart should now look like this:", but not a thing happens. Except the go button goes gray-ish.

The previous pie chart and bar chart examples worked fine. I have verified there is data for the given date range. I don't see any errors, and can find no logs to check.

I have tried all settings I can find on the coordinate-map visualization setup:
Metrics is set to "count" aggregation.
Buckets is set to geo-coordinates - geo hash aggregation - geoip.location.
change precision on map zoom is selected
place markers off grid is selected
only request data... is not selected

I have tried all four map types: scaled circle markers, shaded circle markers, shaded geohash grid, and heatmap.
altering the cluster size has no effect (I am clicking apply each change...)

running http://<ipaddr>/_cat/indices?v shows me that the sample data is present, I have also seen the sample data in the kibana discover page.

There are a number of discrepancies in the documentation: some of which might be that it's version 6.0 rather than 5.6.
In one case, On the page, it says "click add new pattern", but it reads "create index pattern".

In another case, (logstash documentation) it has filebeats connect to logstash on port 5044, but configures logstash to listen on port 5043.

So is this behaviour a document/tutorial discrepancy, or is something else wrong?

I am uncertain how to proceed: I will of course answer any of your questions...

Thank you for your time...


Hey @Jason_Brooks would you mind changing your date-range to something really large like the "Last 5 Years" to see if any data shows up when you do so? Also, would you mind attaching a screenshot of your visualization configuration that looks similar to:

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