Force_merge confusion in documentation

As per this link, after resetting refresh_interval, force_merge call is recommended. But this page( says ' Force merge should only be called against read-only indices.
So which one is correct in the case of an index where we are bulk loading some data and it is then updated daily?
or does it mean that after the bulk_update, we should do force_merge, and while force_merge is in progress, we should not attempt to write to index? And after force_merge completes, we can start writes again

Forcemerge is an expensive operation and some of the benefits are lost once data is added or modified. This is why it is recommended to only use it on indices no longer written to. If you periodically update your index you could end up doing a lot of processing for relatively little gain. Whether this is worth it or not will depend on your use case.

Could you please explain or link the benefits which can be achieved using force_merge? And how is it lost if we write more data?

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