Force merge is not merging all the segments

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Our cluster is configured as follows (This is a AWS managed Elasticservice)

  1. 8 data nodes
  2. 8 Shards
  3. 1 Replica shard

Here is an example of index:

green open service-logs-2017-12-10 ouyQ9Ew2SQQ 8 1 348663916 12687396 185.6gb 92.8gb

To optimize the search I wanted to merge the segments into one.

Here is the command I used to initiate force merge:

curl -XPOST <>/service-logs-2017-12-10/_forcemerge?max_num_segments=1

Now when I check the number of segments, I still see huge number of segments:

curl <>/_cat/segments | grep service-logs-2017-12-12 | wc -l

This includes primary and replica but this figure should be 2 after force merge.

Is there something I'm missing here?

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Looks like there are some problem with AWS, new queries are working. Sorry for the post.

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