Formatting fields... html, markdown

I have data in Elasticsearch where some fields are currently formatted as HTML. It contains simple things like P, A, B and I tags. These are fields that are never aggregated on but are sometimes displayed.

Is there some way to get Kibana to render those elements?

I do know there are security risks regarding full HTML rendering but allowing specific tags for formatting would be safe and has been done in other solutions like Confluence. If markdown would be possible I could convert the html tags to markdown tags during parsing.

Kibana has a feature called field formatters which can enrich the display of a given field wherever it is displayed in Kibana. We don't provide an HTML or markdown formatter out of the box, but you could add one yourself as a plugin.

Unfortunately I don't think we have an up to date guide for building a field formatter plugin specifically. This is an old blog post on the topic and here is a more up to date guide on Kibana plugin development in general.

This community plugin might also be useful to you, though it looks like it hasn't been updated in awhile.

That Markdown plugin looks promising, if the markdown view could be set as the default then it would be even better.

If my need for this grows then I might try fiddling with it to get it working on the latest Kibana version.

There is a fork that supports 7.3.1 :slight_smile:

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