Template support or similar for numeric field formatters


Elastic Stack 6.3.2

I've come to like the index templates functionality in Elasticsearch. One hangup I have with exploring the data in Kibana is needing to set numeric field formatters for number fields such that some fields carrying longer integers aren't rendered using the default numeral.js format that adds commas into the number at thousands separators (for things like src/dest port numbers, longer numeric IDs, etc.). I half expected a feature in Kibana where field properties could be specified to include formatters via a template that could be loaded or similar. I've grown used to the feature existing before I come up with it. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to specify field formatters like this outside of editing in browser - anything that would be akin to the index template support in ES? Ideally would work similar to ES also in allowing a field match on any index, so that cases where a deployment uses Elastic Common Schema or another standard to normalize field naming could benefit from a simple config change that could apply to all indexes would be possible. Or is this a feature to be requested at this point?

Right now, the only way to do it in Kibana is to edit them in the Management page in the browser.

Submitted https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/24559 :+1:

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