Numeric field formatting (URL)


Is there an easy button to create my URL field formatting, instead of from the Kibana management console?

I am looking for a file I could edit to set the URL string to the field of my choosing . It will be the same field on all my index patterns. Then, somehow set it to create the same field formatting for every new index - or index pattern created?

(I am almost thinking along the lines of index mapping templates but we are talking Kibana here right?)


is it stored in the .kibana index mapping???

If you do this search against the Elasticsearch you have pointed Kibana at:

GET .kibana/_search

you will see that each index pattern is represented as a document in the .kibana index. In the source for any index pattern that has field formatters, you will see the property "fieldFormatMap". This map has entries for each field formatter. You could take the index patterns you want to update, add the proper fieldFormatMap to each, and then do an update of each document in Elasticsearch. Not exactly an easy button, but should be scriptable.

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