Custom Numeric Field Formatter

Hi there, is it possible to create a custom field format in Kibana 5.6 or 6. I tried my luck with the instructions here: But unfortunately the blog post isn't up-to-date anymore. I want a formatter which takes a number and returns a corresponding string. It would be no problem for me to write my own formatter in JS, as the existing formatters are, located in ~/kibana/src/ui/public/stringify/types/.

The location of the field formatters was changed in 6.0. You can find all the types here and the registration happens here.

The preferred way to add a custom field formatter is via a plugin, but there's currently a bug preventing plugins from registering them. We're working on a fix, but until then it should still be possible to modify the Kibana source if you really need to.

Thanks, it's easy for me to understand how the individual scripts work and I think it's possible for me to crerate my own. However I can't figure out how the registration happens. A bit of explanation would be great.

I'm sorry, I totally used the wrong link for where registration happens. Had too many tabs open!

This is the correct link:

That one should be fairly self explanatory, but let me know if you have any other questions!

Yeah thanks, this file is much more understandable.

Pull request to track for fixing the plugin issue, if you decide you're interested in writing a field formatter plugin later

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