Formatting x-axis as percentage


I'm trying to create a canvas with a horizontal bar chart with a percentage (0.0 - 1.0) on the x-axis but can't get it sorted. What syntax do i need to add? Currently the chart shows 0.00 through 1.00 on the x-axis.


| essql

query="SELECT \"metric.instance\" as \"Object\", AVG(\"metric.value_double\") as \"Availability\" FROM \"filebeat-7.4.1" GROUP BY \"metric.instance\" "

| pointseries x="mean(Availability)" y="Object" color="project"

| plot defaultStyle={seriesStyle bars=0.75 horizontalBars=true color="#004170"} legend=false

| render

Hi @J_Weeda

Can you share what the bar chart you are getting looks like? It should be sorted correctly by default, so I'm curious what may be happening here.

Hi @corey.robertson, thanks for your response. There is no sorting issue. I would like to format the axis as percentage (100% rather than 1.0)

@J_Weeda oh I see.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to format the display of the axis. We've had several asks for this and have an issue to track it if you want to follow along

Thanks @corey.robertson, I'll track the mentioned issue.

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