Bar chart intervals by percentage


I am trying to create a chart that shows the percentage of the total for each interval (bar). I can do this using split series as seen here:

The config:

But I want the bars labeled at the x-axis. This is another chart I created where the x-axis is what I want, but each bar is 100%.

The config:

Is there any way I can get the first chart with the proper percentages of total but have the x-axis as in the second chart?


I don't know of any way to get the split series labels to be by the bars. But you're the second person today I heard that wanted that! So I filed this enhancement request;

Please take a look at it and if you have any comments please add them there.


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you should disable percentage mode when you split by x axis, percentage mode only makes sense with split series, however split series will not label your x axis

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