Line chart is not working with Split Series with Y axis in percentage mode

I would like to visualize this graph x-axis as percentage and y-axis as latency with an interval of 100 but the plot is coming in a straight line

Please help me to resolve the problem

It looks like you have specified "Split Series" instead of what you would like the X-Axis to be. Try this:

  • Click the red "X" to the right of the "Split Series" panel
  • Click "X-Axis" under the "Buckets" options
  • Specify how you would like to calculate the x-axis data

Thanks for your reply. I have attached my intended graph but I would like to have y-axis in percentage mode.

When I changed to the y-axis in percentage mode but I get this graph as you instructed and it doesn't help me.

I'm looking forward to your answers.

Hi there,

If you're using "percentage" mode with a single series, it will always be 100% because it is graphing each series as a % of the whole.

If you just want to know what each series is as a % of the whole, I think what you may want is to set Y-Axis to use the "Count" aggregation instead of "Cumulative Sum" and then use percentage mode. You'll need to add back the "Split Series" again by clicking on the "Add sub-buckets" button.

When looking at latency distributions, it's often useful to use histograms and percentiles rather than % of the whole. My favorite view is a histogram which gives you a holistic view of how the system is performing. You can create this with a "Count" Y-Axis and a "Histogram" X-Axis on the latency field.

Here are some posts from our blog about visualizing this type of information:

Hi joshdover,

Thank you so much for your reply. Solution which you provided is not working.

I'm looking forward to your answer.

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