Fortinet MIB's

One of the steps to get snmptraps for Logstash running is importing MIB's from certain devices in your network. I'm running into an issue when trying to use the import.rb script on my FORTIGATE-FORTINET-MIB.mib file. The error that continually gets thrown is:

smidump: module `mibs//FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib' contains errors, expect flawed output
*** No nodes defined in: mibs//FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib ***

There is another thread, MIB OID Translation, that the user suggests he finally go it to work after solving some issues with "dependencies". I've ran smidump on the FORTIGATE-FORTINET-MIB.mib file using the -l5 switch and there is a list of errors such as:

mibs/FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib:15: failed to locate MIB module FORTINET-CORE-MIB' mibs/FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib:119: unknown object identifier labelfortinet'
mibs/FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib:487: type FnBoolState' of nodefgVdEnabled' does not resolve to a known base type
mibs/FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib:514: warning: index element fgVdEntIndex' of rowfgVdEntry' should be not-accessible in SMIv2 MIB
mibs/FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib:903: type FnIndex' of nodefgHwSensorEntIndex' does not resolve to a known base type
mibs/FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib:887: illegal base type FnIndex' in index elementfgHwSensorEntIndex' of row fgHwSensorEntry
mibs/FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib:980: type FnIndex' of nodefgProcessorEntIndex' does not resolve to a known base type
mibs/FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib:958: illegal base type FnIndex' in index elementfgProcessorEntIndex' of row fgProcessorEntry
mibs/FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib:1019: type FnIndex' of nodefgProcessorContainedIn' does not resolve to a known base type
mibs/FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib:1281: type FnIndex' of nodefgProcModIndex' does not resolve to a known base type
mibs/FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib:1259: illegal base type FnIndex' in index elementfgProcModIndex' of row fgProcessorModuleEntry
mibs/FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib:1558: type FnIndex' of nodefgUsbportEntIndex' does not resolve to a known base type
mibs/FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB.mib:1536: illegal base type FnIndex' in index elementfgUsbportEntIndex' of row fgUsbportEntry....

The FORTINET-CORE-MIB.mib file is in the same directory, but no where does the import.rb script allow for passing another file, which I'm not even sure if that is what the error is wanting. I don't feel like I'm this incompetent but setting this "simple" log server up has made me feel as such. Can someone please assist in simply converting these Fortigate mib files, or perhaps is there a repository of existing yamls for specific vendors? Thank you.

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