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Is there (currently or planned) a way to forward logs and metrics outside of ECE? I'd really like to use our existing monitoring and alerting infrastructure instead of building a new one.
Additionally are there any plans to integrate into existing alerting services?

Thanks a lot for the clarification!

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Your request makes sense of course - unfortunately this is not currently possible in ECE without digging around inside our internal database in an unsupported way. I will open an issue about possibly opening that up.

On the alerting front - we have just started some work on our alerting architecture, but it is likely to be based around watcher. (Of course existing alerting services that can read from elasticsearch clusters should already be able to be integrated into ECE?)



Sure, I just wanted to avoid having to connect to all clusters and grab some data or building a custom solution that fetches all information our of the logging-and-metrics cluster.
Thanks for opening a ticket.

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