Forward metrics to 'logging-and-metrics' cluster



When I create a new ES cluster on ECE and try to enable Monitoring I cannot use the 'logging-and-metrics' cluster.
I was under the impression that this cluster was intended and provisioned for this purpose, am I understanding this wrong?

Thanks for the clarifications!

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Hi @Lafunamor, I agree this is a bit confusing!

Within ECE there are two separate monitoring mechanisms:

  • ECE uses beats to forward metrics and logs from the different services and elasticsearch containers into the logging and metrics clusters
  • ECE also supports the Elasticsearch/xpack monitoring capability (which can be x-cluster or inter cluster)

We are generally very conservative about what operations are supported on what we call "system clusters" (such as the logging + metrics clusters). to avoid them being knocked over (eg by uncurated time sliced indexes). Therefore we don't allow the logging an metrics cluster to be used as the monitoring target.

Our recommended strategy is to bring up a separate "monitoring" cluster to host xpack monitoring information



@Alex_Piggott thank you very much for the clarification!

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