Custom monitoring cluster for ECE Metricbeat

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ECE ships with Metricbeat to monitor hardware usage on ECE nodes. However, it sends data to the default logging-and-metrics monitoring cluster only. I have another separate monitoring cluster that I use for monitoring ECE clusters by enabling monitoring feature in deployments. I'd like to achieve a state that I have a single monitoring cluster for both ECE metricbeats and clusters monitoring data so that I have only one place to look at.

Is there a way to configure ECE to send metricbeats data to my cluster or do I have to install separate metricbeats on ECE servers and configure accordingly?

Thank you in advance.

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Unfortunately this isn't currently possible - it's a much asked for feature and we have it on our roadmap (no ETA though)

In the meantime people have mostly been using logstash to transfer the data out of the L+M cluster. Installing metricbeats on ECE servers is an option too, though I have not encountered someone actually doing this.


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