Free up disk space

We have an ELK server that periodically runs out of space. In the spring I worked out a method using curator to delete indices that were more than 30 days old.

But I still don't know much about ELK - Because everyone is working from home nowadays, I can't walk over to the devs and ask. But I still need to solve this problem.

When I run my curator, it frees up the disk space by deleting indices - but many of the indices (and stored queries apparently) are still needed and need to be manually recreated. I figure I could script the creation of the needed files using bash and CLI commands, but that isn't ideal. Is there a way to use curator, or some other tool, to just reduce the index size (clean out data more than 30 days old)?

Here is what I have now:

[root@ELK elasticsearch]# cat /etc/curator/config.yml

  • hosts:*
    • 10.X.X.X*
  • port: 9200*
  • url_prefix: *
  • use_ssl: False*
  • certificate:*
  • client_cert: /etc/elasticsearch/config/certs/elk/elk.crt*
  • client_key: /etc/elasticsearch/config/certs/elk/elk.key*
  • ssl_no_validate: False*
  • http_auth: *
  • timeout: 30*
  • master_only: False*


  • loglevel: INFO*
  • logfile: /var/log/curator/curator_log*
  • logformat: default*
  • blacklist: ['elasticsearch', 'urllib3']*

[root@ELK elasticsearch]# cat /etc/curator/action.yml

  • 1:*
  • action: delete_indices*
  • description: >-*
  •  Delete indices older than 30 days (based on creation date).*
  • options:*
  •  ignore_empty_list: True*
  •  disable_action: False*
  • filters:*
    • filtertype: age*
  •  source: creation_date*
  •  direction: older*
  •  timestring: '%Y.%m.%d'*
  •  unit: days*
  •  unit_count: 30*

Any help would be very much appreciated!

That looks hard to read - trying again:

[root@ELK elasticsearch]# cat /etc/curator/config.yml
- 10.X.X.X
port: 9200
use_ssl: False
client_cert: /etc/elasticsearch/config/certs/elk/elk.crt
client_key: /etc/elasticsearch/config/certs/elk/elk.key
ssl_no_validate: False
timeout: 30
master_only: False

loglevel: INFO
logfile: /var/log/curator/curator_log
logformat: default
blacklist: ['elasticsearch', 'urllib3']
[root@ELK elasticsearch]# cat /etc/curator/action.yml
action: delete_indices
description: >-
Delete indices older than 30 days (based on creation date).
ignore_empty_list: True
disable_action: False
- filtertype: age
source: creation_date
direction: older
timestring: '%Y.%m.%d'
unit: days
unit_count: 30

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