Cron job for purging disk space

So I decided to use elastic curator for this, that's my action.yml
I'm not sure that I clearly understand what merging will do. I think my curator action file should delete old indices and merge them. Is merging deleting old files from disk?

A forceMerge(Optimize, or rather forceMerge) operation will try to reduce the segment count in each shard in your indices. Since each segment has an overhead, more segments means more resources used.

Thank you. So any good practices for cleaning up disk space from old deleted indexes(by curator)?

When indices are deleted, disk space should be released. Is this not the case? Have you verified that the indices are deleted as expected? Which version of Elasticsearch and Curator are you using?

After I run curator with action conf that I posted in first message indices were deleted, I didn't see indices which older than 7 days in Kibana monitoring app, I guess it's enough for verifying. But disk space didn't release.

Elasticsearch 5.1.1
Curator 4.2.5

So maybe I missing something, why my disk space does not free up after deleting indices?

Bump, still looking for the solution.

Can you confirm that your curator installation is deleting your indices older than n?

Yes, they gone from elasticsearch and monitoring app in kibana which show elastic indices.


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