Frequency distribution Graph in elasticsearch

Dear All,

We have index that holds the number of orders sent to use by users . Each order holds the Latency value which confirms how long system took to process this order . The latency values Can range from (0.01 ms to 200 ms (ms is in millisecond ) .

We are interested plotting the frequency distribution graph in Kibana using ELK which shows the number of orders in different latency interval for example latency range can be (0ms to 5 ms , 5ms- 10ms , 10ms-15ms up to 195ms to 200ms) .

I am trying to achieve this using Histogram aggregation but each time I run the aggregation it breaks Elasticsearch and all shard goes to Red. Only solution is then to reboot the eLK server .

Just wondering if there is any way I can achieve the above request .

Thanks in Advance .



Hi All

Any update on above issue . Below is the histogram aggregation i am running from Kibana . Which not only kill the Kibana but also kills the Elasticsearch .

Is there a limitation where elasticsearch can only handle certain number of values in histogram aggragtion .

What's in the logs?

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