Frozen tiers : How to size local cache?

Hello !

Is there any RAM/Disk ratio to size the local cache for frozen tiers ?

I found ratios for Hot/Warm/Cold tiers but nothing for frozen tiers


What do you mean by local cache?

This is related to searchable snapshots used in conjunction with frozen tiers :

"Partially mounted index

Uses a local cache containing only recently searched parts of the snapshotted index’s data. This cache has a fixed size and is shared across nodes in the frozen tier."

A somewhat roundabout way of getting this is by using the Elasticsearch Service pricing calculator — Elastic Cloud, if you look at the frozen tier it looks like they're doing 6.25TB per 4GB of RAM (so, ~1.56TB per GB of RAM). Though I often find that you can probably get away with a more efficient ratio (maybe 2TB per GB of RAM?), but I haven't tested this so not sure how well it would work.

Good finding @BenB196 ! thanks

That's a starting point. I hope I will have an official answer from Elastic Team member to be sure :wink:

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