How to scale up the cache file size when we scale up the disk size?

Our es clusters are deployed in cloud, and the cloud disk is very easy to scale up it's size. We found that the size of the local cache file shared_snapshot_cache on the dedicated frozen node didn't change when we scale up the node's disk size, but then changed after we restart the node. My question is that can we resize the local cache file dynamicly instead of restarting the node?

Anyone can give me some cue about how to do this? We are testing the searchable snapshot feature now.

No you can't. It would be rather complicated to implement.

@DavidTurner thanks for your reply, I found that the local cache file shared_snapshot_cache was created by the native system call fallocate, can we just execute fallocate -l $new_file_size shared_snapshot_cache to enlarge the size of the file?

You shouldn't make any modifications within the data path yourself - see the warning in this section of the docs:

WARNING: Don’t modify anything within the data directory or run processes that might interfere with its contents. If something other than Elasticsearch modifies the contents of the data directory, then Elasticsearch may fail, reporting corruption or other data inconsistencies, or may appear to work correctly having silently lost some of your data...

I doubt what you say would even work, but it's certainly not something you should rely on.

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OK, got it, thanks @DavidTurner

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