Fscrawler keeps defaulting to my user directory

I have installed FSCrawler in a subfolder within Program FIles. When I run .\fscrawler using powershell for the first tme it created my jobs folder within Users\myuser\.fscrawler directory. I moved the jobs folder back where I actually want it within program Files.

When I try to run the job again, it says that the job doesn't exist presumably because it's looking in the wrong place still.

my full command line is

.\fscrawler bamdocs –config_dir “C:\Program Files\Elastic\FsCrawler\Jobs” –loop 1

bamdocs exists as a subfolder of jobs. Within bamdocs I have my _settings.json file

May be try with:

.\fscrawler bamdocs –config_dir “C:/Program Files/Elastic/FsCrawler/Jobs” –loop 1

And/Or, can you move your config dir to somewhere where you don't have spaces in the dir name? Like not in Program Files?

This is now ok. For some reason there must have been an hidden character somehwere. I closed powershell and re-opened. Typed the command in again and this time it attempted to run (with errors - my other post).

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