FSCrawler not indexing certain fields

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I'm using FSCrawler 2.4 and it does well to scan the root directory and index the files. However, I notice that FSCrawler does not index all the fields. Eg. "file.filename" is searchable but "file.url" is not searchable because it was not indexed.
Is there a way to configure in the FSCrawler job settings as to which fields should be indexed? This would be really helpful because I need to run searches on the File URL.



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You can provide your own mapping for each job. Have a look in ~/.fscrawler/{job_name}/_settings.json where a default mapping is provided.

Adapt this file to your needs, deleting the existing index job_name and restart FSCrawler.

More info on https://github.com/dadoonet/fscrawler#creating-your-own-mapping-analyzers

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