Fscrawler to find line number of an indexed file

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Use Case : I want to search for a duplicate method name across all local java files and retrieve the filename, linenumber and foldername to which it belongs.

In one of my local drive I have a several folders, where each of these folders contain .java files. Note these folders can keep changing dynamically.
I have made use of fscrawler to index all my .java files to elastic search.

  1. I am looking at an option where index is the folder name with type as filename, How can this be achieved dynamically without changing the json setting every time ?
  2. If there are duplicate filenames present in the same folder, does fscrawler take care of duplicate and still index then with the option of filename_as_id set to true ?
  3. How to retrieve the line number from indexed content ?

Any insights will be helpful here.

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