Indexing pages from local

Hi ,
Iam trying to index pages from local folder and the pages are in different format but iam not sure how i can index those pages . Can anyone please help for the same . Iam using java and trying it in windows. elasticsearch version is 2.3.4.

Not sure what you are meaning by "pages" but you could give a try to fscrawler project.

i mean i have a folder in local that have some PDF,excel documents and all
and i want to index those pages to elastic search .

FSCrawler then.

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how can i add a connector like FTP in elastic search?

I started this a while ago:

But got some issues when it comes to testing. I'll probably revisit my branch at some point.

HI ,
i have tried FScrawler to index pages but iam getting error as below :s
15:36:28,132 ←[33mWARN ←[m [f.p.e.c.f.u.FsCrawlerUtil] Failed to determine 'grou
p' of C:\test\test1\Worldwide Payroll Contacts and Calendars 2015.xlsx: null

i havent used elastic search earlier so iam not pretty sure why iam getting this error . i am using elastic search 2.3.4 version and downloaded fscrawler 2.3.4 . do i need to add any other plugin as well to make it work or iam doing something wrong ?

It's just a Warn. I fixed it in 2.2: