FTP repository


I am trying to setup an FTP repository for my snapshots.

However, it fails with an access denied error message.

Please the ftp url I used ftp://username:password@host/

Kindly assist.


FTP is not supported as a repository. See Register a snapshot repository | Elasticsearch Guide [7.13] | Elastic and Snapshot/Restore Repository Plugins | Elasticsearch Plugins and Integrations [7.13] | Elastic



Hi @spinscale, I had the same question and just came across this thread, but am curious about your answer. According to this section of the docs, it looks like FTP is supported, but only as a read-only repository.

Is that true? FTP can be used to read from a snapshot repository, but not write to one?

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Hi @spinscale ,
I have the same problem as @Dennis1 said, the docs is puzzle, does repository supported a ftp server to write?

sry @spinscale ,
it seems that I didn't read the doc carefully, it was clearly wrote here, read only url .

the cluster can retrieve or restore snapshots from the repository but cannot write or create snapshots in it.

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