Function rate_counter not working properly when multiple dimensions

Hello everybody,

I am currently using counter_rate function in TSBV for my incremental counter, but I found out that this is not working properly when several dimensions are presents.

I have a counter called "http_server_requests_seconds_count" which is declined over several dimensions :

This counter is incremental, the value is always increasing.

But when I would like get the rate of the counter, it give me wrong values.
For example, between 2 buckets, we have :

The difference between the bucket is : 511 796 - 511 649 = 147. It is every 10s so we need to divide by 10 and it counter_rate per second should be 14.7. Whereas it gives a counter_rates of 2.6.

I think takes the maximum value of each bucket independently of the dimensions then do the difference. Whereas it should do the counter_rate for each combination of dimensions and then sum all counter_rates.

Any idea on how we can make it works ?

Thank you for your help.

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