Functionbeat - deployment to multiple environments

I couldn't find this in documentation, so was hoping someone will be able to clarify.

What is expected flow of deployment of Functionbeat to multiple environments?

Specific problem scenario
I want to deploy it to multiple environments and have field which represents environment name e.g. fields "environment"="prod"/"dev"/.... Each environment for Lambda has ENVIRONMENT variable set. However the problem is that when building (ziping) `functionbeat.yml` I have no idea on which environment it will be deployed, so all `{...}` environment variable usages have no desired effect - they access machine which is building, not the one on which it will be running.

I also tried to look at things like decode_json_fields, copy_fields processor configurations to extract environment info from log event itself, but it looks a bit limited and documentation lacking to come up with something useful.

Would be very thankful to any ideas.

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