Functionbeat license error

I have successfully setup functionbeat on aws, but I am getting following license error, license manager stops and function stops:

2019-08-07T03:11:55.435Z INFO [functionbeat] beater/functionbeat.go:74 Functionbeat is running
2019-08-07T03:11:55.435Z INFO elasticsearch/client.go:170 Elasticsearch url:
2019-08-07T03:11:55.435Z INFO [license-manager] licenser/manager.go:184 License manager started, retrieving initial license
2019-08-07T03:11:55.435Z INFO [functionbeat] licenser/manager.go:331 Waiting on synchronous license check
2019-08-07T03:11:55.435Z INFO [monitoring] log/log.go:118 Starting metrics logging every 30s
2019-08-07T03:11:55.987Z INFO elasticsearch/client.go:743 Attempting to connect to Elasticsearch version 7.3.0
2019-08-07T03:11:56.026Z INFO [license-manager] licenser/manager.go:282 Valid license retrieved {"license mode": "Open source", "type": "Open source", "status": "Active"}
2019-08-07T03:11:56.026Z INFO [functionbeat] licenser/check.go:35 License is active for Basic
2019-08-07T03:11:56.026Z INFO [functionbeat] licenser/manager.go:339 License is valid, mode: Open source
2019-08-07T03:11:56.026Z INFO [license-manager] licenser/manager.go:211 License manager stopped
2019-08-07T03:11:56.026Z INFO [functionbeat] beater/functionbeat.go:86 Functionbeat stopped running
2019-08-07T03:11:56.028Z INFO [monitoring] log/log.go:154 Uptime: 639.743036ms
2019-08-07T03:11:56.028Z INFO [monitoring] log/log.go:131 Stopping metrics logging.
2019-08-07T03:11:56.028Z INFO instance/beat.go:431 functionbeat stopped.
2019-08-07T03:11:56.028Z ERROR instance/beat.go:877 Exiting: invalid license
Exiting: invalid license

Will appreciate quick response

You are trying to connect to an Elasticsearch with OSS license. You need at least Basic license in ES for Functionbeat to run. You can download ES with basic license here:

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