Funnel(Conversion) analysis(Metrics)

(Nikhil Jain) #1

Hi there,

I really liked the way the elastic search aggregation query works and interested to use it for one of the product.

We are planning to have a funnel analysis or conversion metrics in our product using elastic search.

I went through the docs but having a hard time to locate any query.

Example data:
{"user_name": "john", "event_name": "A", "date": "2014-08-04"},
{"user_name": "peter", "event_name": "A", "date": "2014-08-04"},
{"user_name": "john", "event_name": "B", "date": "2014-08-05"},
{"user_name": "peter", "event_name": "C", "date": "2014-08-09"},
{"user_name": "john", "event_name": "C", "date": "2014-08-06"},

Need the query where we can trace john followed the steps in sequence whereas peter has not.

Any help would be really appreciated.

(Mark Harwood) #2

Tracking behaviours over time typically requires this approach:

(Nikhil Jain) #3

Thanks for the reply.

We need to have Retroactive funnel analysis where the data is logged and the user can come in and decide to create a funnel on the previous logged in events.

(Mark Harwood) #4

With some creative encoding of data you could use the equivalent of a Phrase query to check the sequencing of events.
In the normal use case, phrase queries might be used to detect the words "quick brown fox" appear in sequence in a text.
In your scenario it might be used to detect tokens "homePage, ProductFooPage, PurchaseFoo" occur as a sequence in a user profile summary.

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