Funnel(Conversion) analysis(Metrics)

Hi there,

I really liked the way the elastic search aggregation query works and interested to use it for one of the product.

We are planning to have a funnel analysis or conversion metrics in our product using elastic search.

I went through the docs but having a hard time to locate any query.

Example data:
{"user_name": "john", "event_name": "A", "date": "2014-08-04"},
{"user_name": "peter", "event_name": "A", "date": "2014-08-04"},
{"user_name": "john", "event_name": "B", "date": "2014-08-05"},
{"user_name": "peter", "event_name": "C", "date": "2014-08-09"},
{"user_name": "john", "event_name": "C", "date": "2014-08-06"},

Need the query where we can trace john followed the steps in sequence whereas peter has not.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Tracking behaviours over time typically requires this approach:

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Thanks for the reply.

We need to have Retroactive funnel analysis where the data is logged and the user can come in and decide to create a funnel on the previous logged in events.

With some creative encoding of data you could use the equivalent of a Phrase query to check the sequencing of events.
In the normal use case, phrase queries might be used to detect the words "quick brown fox" appear in sequence in a text.
In your scenario it might be used to detect tokens "homePage, ProductFooPage, PurchaseFoo" occur as a sequence in a user profile summary.