Funnel & Retention Analysis

Hi Guys, I'm building a system to analyze my company's online ads
performance, I'll use many events to track user engagement, like landing
page loaded, register, play game, upgrade to level 10, charge, etc, and
each event may have different attributes, like when registered, which
search engine it comes from, campaign it belongs to, when played, which
server the user played, when charged, which server and how much it is.

Elastic search facets is good for segmentation analysis, I can get each
event's report very quickly. I create an index for each event, because the
count of events is very different from each other, so I can set different
scaling option for each event.

But I also want to see the funnels and retentions of events, like the
percentage of people registered after seeing some landing page during a
period, and how many returned after two days.
I guess I have to create an index for each funnel I want to analysis,
combine the events as a single document, then I can search the facets of
this index, filtering by the attributes of each event.
This process maybe very slow when I want to create a new funnel, I have to
create a new index and feed all the data into it.

For the retention, the solution maybe similar, but I haven't figured out

Can you guys kindly give me some advices on this?

Thank you very much!

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