User retention/churn calculation

Hi Guys,

I need to get user retention from Elasticsearch.
My algorithm is:

retention_period = 60 days

  1. start_registrations_date = today - retention_period - 30 days

  2. end_registrations_date = today -retention_period

  3. Get all users born in start_registrations_date to end_registrations_date

  4. user_lifeTime = (day that user was last seen) - (day that user

  5. Retention = ((#users with user_lifeTime > retention_period ) / #users)

  • 100

I have registration event that looks something like this :

userId : "raz",
createDate : "10-10-2014T11:00:00"

And ping event that looks something like this:

userId : "raz",
createDate : "10-10-2014T13:00:00"
userId : "raz",
createDate : "10-10-2014T14:00:00"

Now to my question:

How do you recommend to achieve the retention using the aggregation
Is there away to aggregate users life time > some retention period in the

I hope solving this issue will help someone here because calculating
retention/churn is a very common analytic.


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Same , i also want to do with my data .
Can anyone help ?

@raghvendra @Raz_Lachyani

did you guys figure out any approach for this?

Behavioural analysis is best done using an entity-centric index.