I could see below warning message in my ES Logs.

[2017-04-07T13:34:15,260][WARN ][o.e.m.j.JvmGcMonitorService] [FBp7aLX] [gc][5157] overhead, spent [1s] collecting in the last [1.1s]

Also in our settings for ES, the refresh interval for document is set as 1s.
So because of the above warning does it mean it takes 1.1s+1s = 2.1 s to index a document?
Can someone explain more about this GC overhead and how to overcome this?

Which version are you using? How much heap does you nodes have assigned? What is the output of the cluster health API?

We are using ES 5.5.0 and we have 5 nodes.
Cluster status is yellow.

What about my other questions?

Hi the heap is currently 40GB on each machine.

And what about the output of the cluster health spy?

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