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(Madura) #1

My Elastic search server contains 88GB of indices in lib file, and my server runs out of memory. Any possibility to delete some older files here?

Any help ?

(David Pilato) #2


curl -XDELETE host:9200/indexname

(Madura) #3

Kibana has been installed with Docker and docker image getting increases it's capacity up to 96GB of my hard drive.

Under docker, I can see following files with the capacity.

5.8G aufs
220M containers
5.4M image
60K network
20K plugins
4.0K swarm
4.0K tmp
4.0K trust
90G volumes

(David Pilato) #4

You said Elasticsearch and now you mention Kibana. I'm kind of confused.
Anyway, can you run:

curl localhost:9200/_cat/indices?v

(Madura) #5

Hi David,
Sorry for the confusion, I ran the command that you asked, and please find some of results given below.

health status index uuid pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
yellow open %{[@metadata][beat]}-2017.08.05 z3DA1oRISZWqev8bfDzMQA 5 1 1984 0 1.4mb 1.4mb
yellow open filebeat-2018.01.15 zMBrlqTrTxqJJoLY3rSv7w 5 1 1419561 0 435.1mb 435.1mb
yellow open filebeat-2017.06.26 _E40ZJhOQveBkHpRz9ey7w 5 1 9 0 77.5kb 77.5kb
yellow open %{[@metadata][beat]}-2017.08.29 Bj8pNf2fSvOivaJHW6226A 5 1 3773 0 2.5mb 2.5mb
yellow open filebeat-2017.10.20 948D35IpRpC6bSdEPaSNFw 5 1 1005189 0 352.1mb 352.1mb
yellow open %{[@metadata][beat]}-2018.02.20 GJs_bb2aTkyt2Dr9uSiH6w 5 1 4343 0 3.2mb 3.2mb
yellow open %{[@metadata][beat]}-2017.08.25 313yZjcMQj-DTsp8XXQ97Q 5 1 3749 0 2.6mb 2.6mb
yellow open filebeat-2017.07.23 EuTUspOqRiKwEOq2gUUkMw 5 1 342733 0 109.8mb 109.8mb
yellow open %{[@metadata][beat]}-2018.02.19 xE-QEWIrQ9-WJdN_SLBRZw 5 1 4764 0 3.5mb 3.5mb
yellow open %{[@metadata][beat]}-2017.09.11 6DHHZ8ENSxKfiRqgZp7YNQ 5 1 2757 0 2.1mb 2.1mb
yellow open filebeat-2017.08.04 w_fwESQvQYqccBQHwWkiLQ 5 1 441758 0 120.6mb 120.6mb

(Christian Dahlqvist) #6

It looks like you have a lot of small indices and shards in your cluster, as well as some that indicate a problem with your ingest configuration, e.g. %{[@metadata][beat]}-2018.02.19. I would recommend that you read this blog post.

To get a better understanding of the state of the cluster, what is the full output of the cluster stats API?

(system) #7

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