Gelfd Parsing failed


I am getting this error on Logstash
[2019-03-12T15:32:41,450][WARN ][logstash.inputs.gelf ] Gelfd failed to parse a message skipping {:exception=>#<Gelfd::TooManyChunksError: 185 greater than 128>. it started recently. We never had this issue before. nothing changed on Logstash

Something is sending you something that looks like a gelf message (the first two bytes are the magic number for chunked gelf), but the 12th byte contains 185. The gelf definition says the 12th byte is limited to 128.

You need to fix whatever is sending those messages. To find it you are going to need tcpdump/wireshark to find the offending messages.

Thanks for the response
We have
input {
gelf {}
} . in Logstash. We will get only glf messages.

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