General Elastic Docker Image Questions


Trying to better understand the Elastic Docker images. E.g., if you were to build a container with

docker pull

This container could run indefinitely. Conversely, If you were to build a container with

docker pull busybox #docker's "hello-world!"

the container would be created, "hello-world!" print to terminal, and the container stops. What's going on behind the scenes that prevents the elasticsearch container from stopping?


I have customized ELK images that are passed into a multi-stage docker build. Once my later-stage containers are built (via my customized ELK images), is there any reason I would want to leave the earlier-stage containers running? If not, what would be the best way to stop these containers?


The java process that is Elasticsearch is running :slight_smile:
If for some reason it were to stop, like a bad config prevented it from fully starting up, then it would exit.

I can't answer the second question as it's not clear to me what's happening.

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