Remove elasticSearch 6.5.4. in docker

Would like to remove Elasticsearch 6.5.4 containers (installed by a vendor many years ago) but stopping or killing these container/s using stop/kill commands doesn’t exits its status, hence can't remove. There seems to be an orchestration tool(which we are unaware of) which restarts them over again. Please share how to completely remove these images & containers.
There are other elasticsearch 7.10.1 containers on the same server and they stop fine but these are the ones we need to retain and need to remove the older ones.

None of the below commands helped. Also, tried to disable the restartpolicy

'docker stop' -- Status remains up & a new containerID gets assigned to it

'docker kill' -- Status remains up & a new containerID gets assigned to it

'systemctl stop <Unit -Name >'

'systemctl disable <Unit - Name>'

elasticsearch 7.10 is EOL and no longer supported. Please upgrade ASAP.

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