Generate custom reports for each customer in Kibana Canvas


I have made a report in Kibana Canvas where I have calculated four metrics. Now I want to generate 100 versions of this report, one for each customer. This means I have to recalculate the metrics for each customer in my dataset. Is there a way I can set up Kibana to generate this report 100 times for each customer every month automatically? How would I refer to customer X in column Y and create this loop?

I would be really grateful if someone could help me with this issue.

  • Eivind Vinsand

You need to get the customer name from the URL. Therefore Canvas offers Urlparams

The urlparam needs to be set as filter in your query. Thatway you have a different view per customer.

To schedule reporting is usually done with Watcher. But you would need to create one Watcher job per customer. I think a python script cronjob that triggers the report Generation would be easier in this case.

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