Generating Security authentication cookie for Kibana


I'm using Security to handle document and field level security for my Kibana visualizations.
To avoid making my client login into our product and then login again on Kibana I'm trying to generate the cookie manually on the server-side(Asp.Net MVC 4).

I can set the key on the kibana.yml ( but still I need the string format for this cookie. I'm looking for it for a few hours and I found someplace that said it was username:password:timestamp, but I tried that without success.

Is it possible to do something like what I'm trying to do? Can anyone publish this cookie string format?

Thank you.

Hi Felipe,

Unfortunately we can't share the cookie format and we may actually change this format in the future, so I'm a little afraid to suggest a solution which could unexpectedly break for you at some point.

I pinged @skearns about this, and he suggested using Basic auth instead. Would this work for you? He can address any followup questions you have.


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