Geo future for Elasticsearch


I'm testing the usage of Elasticsearch for geo applications.
And I'm interested in the future plans for geo components in Elasticsearch.
I found this presentation where the change to a bkd-index for geoshapes is presented. You now did this with version 6.6 and it really boosts up the performance for geoshapes, congratulations to this upgrade.
There are also some geo analysis tools announced (Moran's Index, Getis-Ord).
So how are your plans for geo in Elasticsearch in the future ? What will be next in the near and far future ?

A large part of the future of geo in Elasticsearch depends in a large part on feedback from users like yourself! We've got a number of geo-related issues that you may be interested in looking through and adding a +1 along with any background you'd be willing to provide on your use case.

We'd like to integrate a number of our geo features with our SQL implementation so that users that come from a other SQL systems that provide geo support but not as great of full-text/relevance capabilities can make use of our implementation. We have some ideas around geospatial statistics and clustering as well as allowing for higher dimensionality. We've started looking into other shapes to aggregate geo data into and we've actually already added a new map tile aggregator in our 7.0 pre-release builds if you'd like to try it out.

In short, we've got a long list of features we'd like to add. We'd love to hear use cases you and others are trying to solve and anything that's stopping you from them so we can consider them as we work on our roadmap.


Thanks for your detailed answer.
This really seems like some interesting stuff you're planning to implement in the future.
What I'm missing a bit are new features for geoshapes. I think the things you mentioned are all related to geopoints.
But I really like the progress of Elasticsearch in the field of geo.
So keep up the good work!

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