Geo_point field extraction with Logstash

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I am inserting data from mysql to Elasticsearch using Logstash. Onw of the fields I am inserting is "geoCoordinates". This field is stored in Mysql in the format "lon;lat" I want to insert this field in my elasticsearch as geo_point field so I have the following filter:

    filter {
	mutate {
		split => ["geoCoordinates", ";"]
		add_field => {
					"[geoCoordinates][lon]" => "%{geoCoordinates[0]}"
				    "[geoCoordinates][lat]" => "%{geoCoordinates[1]}"
		convert => {
				"[geoCoordinates][lon]" => "float"
				"[geoCoordinates][lat]" => "float"

however Elasticsearch shows the values like this

"geoCoordinates": {
  "lon": "%{geoCoordinates[0]}",
  "lat": "%{geoCoordinates[1]}"

and another field has the acutal values as string
"geoCoordinates": "35.5277933233856;-121.04542218833"

Any help?

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